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Story: I was woke up by a frantic phone call from I think my cousin I never asked who called.He is a paramedic supervisor for Queens and Brooklyn hospitals. All I heard was "look....window.....move it!!!!" So I looked, I have a 7"high by 8" wide window view of Manhatten more prominently the WTC. I damn near hit the floor when I saw one tower was billowing smoke. I franticaly got dressed grabed my jump packs and hit the road, I to am a New York medic. I did get threw to him a short time later, around he told me to stay away, HELL NO!! I went in anyway, no way was I going to sit back, it's my job to help those in need, they call "we" come no matter what the incedent. You can imagine how the rest of my day was.....enough said.

Response:I did my job giving medical attention to those in need,
providing support in any way required. I was also able to
obtain a large truck and got it filled by a local grocery store, water, caned foot, ect. when I had done all I could in the initial phase and it was clear we had a recovery situation not rescue, so I turned my attention to the salvage of ems vehicles so we could continue to provide any emergency medical transports that might arise. In the days..weeks...months ahead I gave all I could to support those in the recovery of the victims, and my comrads who in the face of insanity and horror had the courage to stay in harms way to save as many poeple as they could. One final thing, to the family members of the passengers on flight 93,
the fallen police, firemen and medics, There is no greater love of humanity, than to give ones self that others may live.

Affects:I feel it is the right thing to do to give back to the community, country, world, we're all on the same trip might as well do whatever we can to help. Is it not a far better choice to leave "things" better than we found them.

Red Cross Volunteer:no

Red Cross Employee:no

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