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Story:I was running late for work,as usual, trying to get myself and our infant daughter out the door. As we embarked on our journey to daycare and then myself off to work I noticed how beautiful a morning is was. As I listened to the radio on my way to work, the news came of a fire in New York, perhaps a gas line leak of some kind. Before I even made it 8 miles to my daughters daycare, the station reported a plane had crashed into the World Trade Center, I assumed it must have been some kind of prank.

I immediately grabbed for my cell phone and called my mother, who I assumed must have been glued to the TV at this point. She knew nothing of it, but I insisted that she turn on the TV to verify the information for me.

By her response when the TV came on, I knew it must have been true. I rushed to my office, where I also work along side my husband, Mark. As I rushed in the door I could hear the commotion of the TV in our employee break room, time was standing still. A horrible silence that I've never known hit me.......I felt sick. Employees who once had more than enough to say were silent, speechless.

We watched in horror over the next 30 minutes, which seemed like hours........we couldn't tell what was going on in New York. The emotions began to build within me. My husband just tried to comfort myself as well as the other co-workers.

When the second tower came down I felt as if the world was coming to an end, to witness the fear and the frenzy, even though second hand was still more than I could bear. We closed up and sent everyone home to be with their families.

Even hundreds of miles away, we wanted to all check on families and loved ones. We got home to dozens of calls from my husbands relatives that are located in Pennsylvania assuring us that all of them were accounted for. We immediately started counting our blessings. As the evening set in we found ourselves unable to sleep or eat. I just wanted to hold our infant daughter and pray that God would comfort our nation in a tragic time like this.

Life Changed:My life has changed drastically. I never want to leave my friends or family without saying I love you. I fear death a little bit more, not knowing when my last day on earth will be. I hug my daughter & my husband more than ever before. I'm learning that the "little things" DO MATTER. I think I've embarked on a more spiritual journey with my God, for his grace is sufficient!

Should be remembered:The commrodory of our nation. The United States is a land of promise and most importantly, strength. Even in NW Arkansas the outpouring was amazing. The blood banks had lines out their doors. The banks were collecting funds, along with every Wal-Mart in the nation, to help with the victims' families.

I also think that Mayor Rudy Gulliani should always be remembered as a hero in New York's eyes. I would love to sit down and visit with him in person, to hear his personal stories. I was absolutely amazed at his courage with the 9/11 events. Rudy was..a pillar in the community...a humanitarian....what a blessing for NYC!

Flag:I still get teary when I stare at our American flag to long. We've been flying one since the day after 9/11, both at work and home. I feel priviledged to be a small part of such an incredible nation. God Bless you all, from the prayers, to all of the victims & their families, to the donations, to our entire nation, to the men and women who gave their utmost......their lives to protect their fellow brothers in arms. I will never be the same because of it!!

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