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Story:I had nothing interesting to do that day and I was looking forward to relaxing all day and watch TV.
My grandparents came up to my apartment because I wanted to show my grandpa something at the computer. For that purpose I turned off my TV. When we were done with the computer (which didn't take very long) I said to my grandpa: "Hope you don't mind that I'm turning on the TV again, my favourite show is running." He accepted but all we saw when I turned it back on was the burning World Trade Center.
I just couldn't believe it. A man from the channel came up and said 'it was still unclear what caused it. But wait, we have it confirmed that a plane hit the WTC.'
I was shocked. It was September 11th, 2001 and I had just arrived from the States ten days ago after spending a year there as an AuPair. I flew from Boston and thought what might have happened if they had chosen just ten days earlier.
I had had the best time of my life in the States and feel deeply connected to the USA and now this country was under attack.
Me and my grandpa were standing in front of the TV, watching shocked how the building was burning.
Then all of a sudden I noticed the second explosion coming from the second tower and I screamed what was that? My grandpa repeated over and over again it was a plane. Did you see the plane? I did not.
My grandma called out to us not realizing what had happened. Then she burst into the room and told us to do something but stopped in mid-sentence as she saw the pictures. She asked what had happened and I told her the little information we had. Then we stood there for two hours in a row unable to believe what we saw. As the towers came down I just couldn't believe it. I had been standing in between the towers just a year earlier admiring the height and the structure but at the same time frustated I couldn't take a picture because they just didn't fit.
As they fell I was flipping to another channel and someone said: "Now the symbol of America has fallen. The World Trade Center no longer exists."
I was horrified. I was watching TV nonstop that day.
In the evening I called my hostfamily in the States to ask if they were okay. They were, although deeply shaken.
My parents were on vacation and called me from the airport in Spain ready to fly home that day. I told them what had happened but my Mom did not believe me. When they came home in the middle of the night we again watched TV for at least two more hours.
I guess until the falling of the towers I still believed it to be a sick movie with great special effects and kept repeating it looked like a bad movie. But it was sad reality. I still feel deeply saddened when thinking about the tragedy and my heart goes out to all the victim's families.

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