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Story:On September 11th I didnt go to school that day because I had a ortho. appointment! I woke up at 8 or so, and my parents were in the living room watching the news. And by this time the first plane has crashed into the first building already. I was asking what was happening, but I kept on getting interupted by my parents saying," How horrible, who would want to do this stuff to America!" I went to the dentist and they had a tv in the lounge and we watched it in there! Then I went into the dentists room to get my teeth checked and all the radios were on and everybody was listening to it! When I was done I had to go back to school. I went to school and I was in 3rd hour. We didnt watch it in there becuz we really didnt know to much of what was going on. Then when 4th hour came, my teacher was crying, so we watched the news all of that hour! We watched the news most of that day in all classes! Everybody was devistated! It was like a movie, but it really happened!

Life Changed:Life hasent changed for me so much since then! But my family is more patreatic now. We were always a big family that believed in most of americas rules and regulations! We hang the flag more and we have more red, white, and blue things around. Our neighborhood has had alot of flags go up and lights go up after the tragedy.

Should be remembered:I think that we should remember all of the men and women that helped recover bodys from the buildings. The men and women that were in the building and planes when they hit! People that donated stuff to help out New York, by just giving blood or money and good! All of that helped in some way so they should be remembered for what they have done!

Flag:I did fly a flag after September 11th. We also had a flag up before September 11th happened! My feelings really havent changed to much to be honest, because I didnt really understand the stars and strips on there to much besides just what they stand for, colonies and states! I still dont really understand the flag to what I should understand it to.

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