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Story:That day I was in the Dallas chapter training for Americorp/Corps Across Texas. We were in the middle of a class when our director at that time, Rena, came in and told us what was happening. We turned on the tv in the room and we saw all the news about it.

Response:We as a group were asked if we wanted to help answer phones since all national phone calls were being transferred to the chapter. I said yes and volunteered to dp the night shift, 7pm to 7am. We were responsible on answering the hotline and take well being information about a missing person.I also went to New Jersey in the month of November to help with the assistance center there. I was there for about one month helping with Mass Care at Liberty State Park, where the assistance center was at.

Affects:I think that volunteers are great people, without them many of the 9/11 help would have not been able to get done without them.

Red Cross Volunteer:yes

Red Cross Employee:yes

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