September 11 Digital Archive: XML Document

Story:As I heard it on the news I was paged by NHQ as part of the Air Team Response Goverment Liaisonto give me a heads up. I was asked that once in Dallas to head to NY. Well as we know today the Airports were shut down. Since I could not get to Dallas I return to work and help provide assistance locally as best we can.

I did get to NY on Sept 13 early in the morning though.

Response:I arrived in NY on Sept 13 as the Govt. Liaison Officer. As you can imagine the Mass Care issues alone were consuming to a team of 36 Govt Liaisons working in NY. We did the best we could and I belive if it were not for our work timly and effective assitance may not have been met.

Affects:Since I have worked with the Red Cross, now over 16 years, and have been on many Relief assignments my outlook only continues to say that we could never do it without our commitment from our volunteers.

Red Cross Volunteer:no

Red Cross Employee:yes

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