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Story:On September 11th, I wook up to the door bell of our front door. My naeighbor told us to wake up, and turn on our T.V. We all thought that it was just some multi-media sports event, until we turned on our T.V. As soon as we did turn on our T.V. The second plane whent into the second tower. Our whole family finally woke up and we all watched the news until school started. When we arrived at school, almost every television in all of our classes was on. We then learned that it was a terrorist attack, made up by the Tallaban leader, Osama Bin'laden.

Life Changed: Yes. Since September 11th, I think that I have become a lot more Patriotic. I have also tried not to take things for ganted, as much as I would before September 11th.

Should be remembered: I personally think that the things that should be remembered, are the many thousands of Fire Fighters, and Police Officers, who risked their own lives to help save the hundreds of injured victims from the rubble of the world trade center towers.

Flag: Yes. Our family did hang an American flag, but I really don't feel much different agout the flag. I mean I like seeing the flags out alot more, but I still think of the flag the same.

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