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Story:When I heard the news it shocked me. It was a reflex that carried me over to the T.V. It was all over on T.V, on the radio, in the newspapers. It seemed almost like the whole world was mouring, watching helplessly as the attacks continued. People fell apart in greef and worry. There were two things that particularly stuck to me. One is how the people in the planes must have felt, and what was going on up there, bravery and heroics certainly needs to be accounted as one thing that hppened. The second thing that stuck was that all over, the best way to tell something terrible had happened was the look on peoples faces, that was probably the most terrifing of all.

Life Changed:One thing that I have noticed is that there seems to be so much more coverage on the bad things that happen in America. It is so much harder to realize that really bad things happen every day. But one good thing about all this is that it has opened our eyes and made us realize so many things we wouldn't have.

Should be remembered:I will always remember the heroics. Of the firefighters, and people dying in order to help. Of people volunteering to pull dead or alive bodys from the tumbled buildings, and ash. And mostly the panic and the hurry to try and reach the people still stuck in the tumble ashes of The World Trade Towers.

Flag:I can say like most Americans do, that I did fly an American flag. What else was there to do, in this hopeless feeling of loss and wonder. Now that it is over I realize that the flag is not only a symbol, now it represents a feeling of the American people

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