September 11 Digital Archive: XML Document

Story:On September 11th I witnessed the twin towers incident; on the telivision, radio, and newspaper. I wasn't really sure what the twin towers were or anything. The next day I watched the news and saw the whole incident; It is really sad people did that to the buildings, but what is really bad is all the people who died with it.

Life Changed:Yes my life has changed dramatically. Now theses days you have to be very careful about everything. Where you go, your mail, lots . It is scary to go to bed at night, you dont know if you'll be alive tomorrow. So yes my life has changed.

Should be remembered:I think people should remember mostly the police officers, fireman, and anyone else who helped out. I say that because they found people and helped the injured ones and put out the fire. So if it wasn't for them the only thing left of New York could've been ash.

Flag:No we didnt fly the American flag, but we do have a room in our house that has red, white, and blue. We did that because right now the Untied States needs each other even more now than we have needed in quite a long time.

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