September 11 Digital Archive: XML Document

Story:In my office, about 4 miles south of the Pentagon. A call came in to tell me about the first tower. My window faces the Pentagon, and while it is blocked from my view, a colleague and I saw the sunlight hit the wing of the plane that hit the Pentagon as it banked sharply down and then disappeared from view. A second or to later we heard a muffled blast and saw the smoke. We closed the office.

Memory:Wanting to see my wife and daughters. Waiting to hear that my brother and neice (who work and go to school in NY) were ok. As a native New Yorker I was shocked as the Towers came down, and felt helpless being in Maryland.
Concern for all the innocent victims and their heroes. Fearful of the jingoism which would result.

Affects:I think it has affected the country adversley. While a devastating event, America's swift and brutal response has accomplished little. But it did give the current administration the rationale it was looking for to "relive" the 'good old days'. Rumsfeld , Ashcroft, et al, have a replaced their longing for a cold war with this cause, and I believe that this will not serve in the best long term interest of the US either home or abroad.

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