September 11 Digital Archive: XML Document

Story:I wittmess September 11th by watching the news. I woke up and my mom was watching the news and all of a sudden an airplane went right into one of the twin towers. Then I saw people running and screaming it was horrible!!!

Life Changed:No, my life has not changed but it has changed our comunity a lot. Everyone is more friendly to eachother and we have tighter sicurity in air ports or sometimes just anywhere.

Should be remembered:I think we should all remember all the members of the NYFD and the NYPD. For risking or loosing there lives to help save others lives. They were brave and kept faith in there harts and with everyone who was in danger or dieng. It would also be very important to remember all of the familys that lost a love one or all of the people who lost their bestfriend. Also to remember how all of this effected New York the town and the people in New York.

Flag:Yes, i did fly an American flag after Sep. 11th. My feelings actually have changed tords the American flag because now when i look at it I see a Country that stuck together through the toughest time. I also now know that people can become as one no matter what!!!!!

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