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Story:To my unborn children,

I wish there was something I could say that would make it easier. Something that would make it easier for you to understand why we as humans do the things we do to one another. Believe it or not, your father was once young and ignorant in the ways of the world..

I was a Senior in High School. I wasn't even old enough to vote yet. For some reason or another, I had walked out of class and headed up to the office. The reason, to this day, I am unable to remember. I remember watching the television as I waited for the secretary to finish with me - one of the Towers had been struck by a plane. The news reporters were speculating, "Possibly the instruments on the plane malfunctioned and they veered off-course, it's simply too early to tell.."

Then, less than a minute later - the world stood still. We watched in horror as the second plane turned directly into the second Tower. I felt my eyes begin to water, because at that moment I knew that our world would never be the same. Our country would never be the same. And most of all, our lives, would never be the same.

For the next week our eyes were glued to the television. CNN, MSNBC, FOX, all of them had cancelled programming in order to mourn the losses of those people. And while I was so far away - I felt so close at the sametime.

On September 12th, your father, Jared Daniel Smith - woke up and drove to school. On my way to school, I saw something that would have an impact on my life forever. It wasn't a huge banner or the words of a saddened President or political leader - it was a small boy holding a sign that said, "We Will Remember."

Always remember, my children. Do not ever forget the victims and the heroes of September 11, 2001. For they are the shoulders we as a country stand-on today. They are the memories of who we really are.

Always remember the fire-fighters and public servants that gave their lives for people they had never met before. They were our soldiers on the front-lines.

Always remember that everytime you pledge to the flag of the United States of America, and everytime you do a civic duty, and everytime you help out a fellow American - that you are honoring the memories of those people who died on September 11th.

Always Remember.

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