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Story:I was sitting there in class during second period, just waiting for the morning anouncments when Mrs.Emmons, my teacher, turned on the t.v. We all were watching. It was so sad just imaginging that right at that exact moment people were dying and i was just sitting there watching it all happen. So i guess i witnessed it at about 9:00 during second period.

Life Changed: Yes. Yes because now people are always scared. It's changed my life because my Mom and Dad wont let us, my sisters and I, wont let us do anything alone or with out and adult. They say,"you never know any more." Now people don't let things go, as easy as they used to. Like if you say something people might take it the wrong way, even though it wasn't meant to be. Also security increased a lot. So you can't get a way with as much as you could have.

Should be remembered:I think one thing that should be remembered is how awful the terrorists were to us and what Afganistan and Osomabinladen wanted to see. So I don't think we should let them get off easy at all! Another big thing to be definately remembered is all the helpers and the life savers of September 11th. Like the fire fighters, police men, and even the blood donators or red cross. All of those people saved as many lives as they could and even helped New York get back together and cleaned up.

Flag:Yes, I did fly a flag out side of our house. Yes I also would say that my feelings have changed about the flag because now when I look at the flag it makes me remember how much closer it has brought us together. It also shows me how important it is to other people as well as me too. It's like when i look at the flag it says were strog, free and the best!

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