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Story:I had just started my high school career and I was in 2nd hour. We were doing our normal thing, well, somewhat normal we had only been in school for about a week. My teacher turned on the t.v. to witness this startling incident. It was funny how, less than a year ago, I had no idea what the World Trade Centers were, or what they were there for. Now, I've heard about them so much, and so often that sometimes I just want to plug my ears and escape the reality of it all. The rest of the day, we watched the news. When I got home, my family was watching the news. You couldn't escape this and live your norml life. I thought it was very scary, and it gave me a big reality check.

Life Changed:I think that my life has changed in some ways because of September 11th. It helped me to be more appreciative of the U.S.A. and all the freedoms that we have in our lives. I felt a little violated when all of that happened. It took me out of my safety zone a little bit I think.

Should be remembered:I think that everybody should remember the good that came out of September 11th. How everyone got united as a nation. It helped meny be better people. Also, remember the devastation that went along with it.

Flag:I personally, did not fly an American Flag. My feeling of the flag, is that it is a good symbol of our country. I don't feel though, that i necessarily need to wave a flag to show that I'm a good citizen. I think that I can show my patriotism in other ways.

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