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Email Text:From: "Eva Nikolausson" [private]>
To: "Helene Nielsen" [private]>
Subject: SV: We're okay
Date: Thursday, September 20, 2001 1:53 PM


I'm really sorry that we didn't get back to you after what happened but it's
really hard to put to words how we feel! There have been quiet minutes,
people have been crying, people who don't normally stand on the U.S. side
politically are really supporting America today which is quite a change and
that feels good, I think everybody realizes that we're on the same side.
Don't get me wrong, people here really love Americans no matter what and try
to copy America in everything, but don't always support the politics, it's
kind of hard to explain. I hope you understand what I mean, anyway I was
home sick and suddenly in the middle of a movie there was a note about an
extra newsbrodcast and you always know what that means, disaster! I was
sitting there watching it and it felt like watching a movie, totally unreal
and it took me hours until it really hit me, since then the world is not the
same and never will be. It's been kind of hard to explain to the kids what
really happened, the extent of what happened is to big for them to grasp and
I think the same goes for me.

I hope that you'll still be able to come to Sweden, we are really looking
forward to that and always remember, you are the number one American

Timmy is asleep right now but I'm gonna show him your mail when he wakes up
and let me tell you him and Celinne are really trying hard to learn english,
it's really cool to hear them talk. Anyway I want him to reply to your mail
himself and the same goes for the Happy Birthday card from Dave and Katy,
you're all so sweet!

Take care tell Doug we said Hi and we'll get back to you soon, you're our
favourite Americans!


-----Ursprungligt meddelande-----
Från: Helene Nielsen [mailto:[private]]
Skickat: den 20 september 2001 06:34
Till: Eva/Bosse Nikolausson
Ämne: We're okay

Just a note to keep in touch...we are all feeling so sad and sick at
heart, and wondering what will the future bring to the USA.
We had planned a trip to Boston for a one week tour, September 22-29, but
we cancelled. No one wants to fly right now. I still hope to travel
eventually (yes, Sweden and Denmark) but right now we can only think of the
tragedy, and we're sort of scared about what's coming next.

I have the Charizma CD in my car, and I play it often. David said he will
lend me some others he has. I really like the music and enjoy listening, and
I can picture who is singing and what everyone looks like. So I think I am
your number one American grandma fan.

Love, Helene

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