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Subject: RE: Siddur (Re: No words to describe)
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Dear David,
There are no words to describe the loss of lives........ but concerning your siddur, just think what happened here in Argentina in 1994, when the AMIA was bombed. It had the largest Jewish Library of Latin America. Records of the first imigration of jews into Argentina. Many, many of those books were recovered from under debris and with patience and volunteers were recovered. Many undescribable documents have been lost, but also many were recovered from the hands of insane terrorism.
Have faith.......

Lilian Schorr Landes

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Subject: Siddur (Re: No words to describe)

Many of you responded to my earlier message regarding my great-grandmother's siddur, locked in my desk at One Liberty Plaza. One Liberty Plaza has at least partially collapsed now. The part remaining standing is teetering. I have little hope of ever recovering the siddur.

Thank you all for your kind words at this time. If you are interested in seeing the siddur, the inside cover can be viewed here:

I previously scanned about 20 pages of the siddur, which I may have privately republished. If you are interested in following this project, please contact me privately. If there is sufficient interest, perhaps I will publish it as a fund raiser for


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