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Email Text:From: "Uwe Renner" [private]>
To: "Helene Dag Nielsen" [private]>
Cc: "Uwe Brigitta Renner" [private]>
Subject: old friendship
Date: Tuesday, September 11, 2001 2:12 PM

Dear Helene, dear Doug and family,
thanks alot for your e-mail. I was so happy to hear from you. Now I want to know if all of you are okay - please give us a short note that you are in a good shape and not under the victims of this terrible case happened today in New York. We are really worrying, because you wrote that you will soon travel to Boston and these planes started from Boston. Please, please let us know .
Here in Germany they cancelled all theatres , movies, musicals and other events to show how sad all people of our country feel so sad and sorry about the things which happened today. I came home some minutes ago from a one-day-trip with our ladies-captain to play golf on the island of SYLT, 2 hours in train from our city. I heard about NY and saw the awful pictures on tv - they are sending on all the channels. We feel so sad with the Americans and suffer.
It is a real shock and I want to let you know that and wish you were not in one of these planes.
Pls, pls answer soon.
With all our love your friends far away from you
Gitta and Uwe

Email Date:9/11/01

Email To:Doug and Helene Nielsen

Email From:Gitta and Uwe Renner

Email Cc:

Email Subject:E-mail from dear friends in Hamburg, Germany

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