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From: EHOF x
Date: Sun, 16 Sep 2001 12:02:02 -0700
Subject: Re: We're OK

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I agree with most of what you are saying. I do want to add that this event
and the course of events to come brings us into a larger field of light from
where we can move forward as individuals together. When an event of such
magnitude can bring a people together, a world together for a common cause
of life preservation (somewhat under the guise of retaliation) it is for the
better and we do change, we are different. I agree that we tend to drift
off into a numbness, but when we are awoken, we are changed. Changing for
the better.

In the lack of a Piazza or town square, a local place were we come together
as a large group, Television, as unfortunate as it may seem has a way of
substituting for those places.

In New York City, you have town squares even though not all of you may use
them. In L.A. sadly we lack a place where people can come together for the
most part. The opportunity that New York has especially and the world has
to move forward through this time to a place of extremely higher
consciousness is palpable. You can reach out and grab the feeling, it is in
the air, it is tangible, and it is even more evident when you see a person
not understand how palpable it is. When that happens it is the place for
those who do see to help bring people to this greater understanding.

It is most important for all of us to remember to breathe. For breath is
the intake and the out take for which we as a race communicate. It shares
our feelings with one another and lets us release what is inside of us, be
it anger, love, compassion, fear or numbness. I urge you all to breathe and
look each other in the eyes in this time of change for only then will we
truly move on to the place that we need to.

When you next look at your best friend, your lover, your partner, breathe in
and out and let go. Then try and do it with each one of your friends, then
with strangers and soon we will see the difference as we truly speak to one



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