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Story: My husband a Port Authority Seargent went to work on a day tour. It was a beautiful day when I got up around 8am. As is my routine, I made coffee took care of our Doberman and sat down to see what was on the morning news. To my astonishment, I saw a plane crash into one of the towers of the World Trade Center. My first thought was what a horrible accident and why was there a plane flying over Manhattan? Just as I began to process this news, the reporter came back on the air with news of another plane crashing into the Pentagon. Thinking the news people had their stories and graphics mixed up, I turned my attention back to the Trade Center. That was when the second plane hit. Not knowing what else to do, I went to church and began praying for all the souls lost in this terrible event.
I truly belived that it might possibly be the end of the world and prayed that everyone be delivered unto God. I am not an alarmist. I am trained to handle emergencies and am very good at it but this was beyond all telling. this was truly a cataclysm of epic proportions. Fortunately, I met our Pastor who was equally shocked and numb. I asked him if this was how the world was going to end. Father Smith said he did not know but we would have to hold onto our faith and wait. Shortly thereafter, my friend and her mother walked into church. Right away, they asked where my husband was. Nobody had told me this but instinctively, I knew he was there doing whatever he could to manage the chaos. Something told me he was alright but it also told me that a lot of other people were already gone and that this event would mark a turning point for all of us. At the end of that terrible day, we had lost thirty six men one woman and bomb dog Sirius. We would be forever without George Howard ,
Jimmy Nelson and Al Neidermier all classmates of Franks. We also knew that several others had recently seen, worked with or had lunch with my husband. They were all gone. We talk about them all the time. We have their pictures lovingly mounted on our diningroom wall as a testimony to duty and the supreme sacrifice. I also think about the others like my husband who physically survived but are forever scarred and damaged by the horrific sights and sounds of that day. My hope and prayer every day is that humanity find a meeting ground where peace can be the order of the day and that no people anywhere should endure what happened in New York City USA on September 11, 2001/.

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