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Email Text:From: "Uwe Renner" [private]>
To: "Helene Dag Nielsen" [private]>
Cc: "Uwe Brigitta Renner" [private]>
Subject: friendship
Date: Wednesday, September 12, 2001 5:05 PM

Dear friends, until now (it is 2.oo hrs at night) I was watching TV all the time to see and hear what is going on in New York. We are so sad about the attack and suffer with the poor and innocent people who had to die and also suffer with their families and with all American people. I just watched the ceremony in the Capitol with the prayer and listened to your National anthem.
Take my deep emotion and sadness about these terrible attacks which happened to your beloved Country and to all the people who want peace.
Total Germany is so shocked and suffers with you all.
Write soon back.
With much love
your friend always
Brigitta and Uwe

Email Date:9/11/01

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Email Subject:outpouring of love for America from Germans

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