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Date: Wed, 12 Sep 2001 17:52:41 -0400
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Subject: AIVF urges tolerance & balanced reporting

Dear friend of AIVF:

It's hard to avoid hyperbole, but I thought it was important to try. You may
know that the AIVF offices are just eleven blocks north of the World Trade
Center. Our offices and staff are unharmed. However, we fear that over the
days to come we will learn that many of our colleagues are not.

The area is cordoned off, and AIVF offices will remain closed through this
week. I know you will understand if events are suspended and the next few
issues of The Independent come out a little late. We are not yet sure when
we will be able to reopen.

Meanwhile, I encourage you -- as citizens who support independent media and
hope for responsible reporting of events -- to contact your local news
outlets to commend their coverage if you feel it merits such praise. Or, if
warranted, to urge news outlets to tone down the bellicose tone of their
coverage: it hurts their credibility, and only fans the flames of anger and
hate. Likewise, we encourage you to do whatever you can in your community to
encourage tolerance and diffuse racial tensions that may escalate.

This was a tragic, barbaric act. However, the tragedy will be multiplied if
we as a nation react in kind. If this crime incites individuals, and indeed
our nation, to commit further acts of aggression against innocent people,
then the criminals who have perpetrated this heinous act have achieved a
measure of success.

We know that Americans are grieved and outraged. We pray that they will find
constructive channels of response.

With our best wishes,

executive director, AIVF/FIVF

support the organization that supports you!

Email Date:Wed, 12 Sep 2001

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Email Subject:Subject: AIVF urges tolerance & balanced reporting

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