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Email Text:"How are you??? We heard about the bad things [which] happened in America. I hope that everything is OK in Toledo and that all of you are [all right]. It is so horrible and unimaginable what those terrorists have done. Please give me a short answer that you are OK. Thomas 9-12-01"

"Hello Sue, Nice to hear from you! Everybody here in Europe knows what happened in America. At that time it happened, it was aoubt four or five o'clock in the afternoon here. I was in the office. I felt the excitement of my co-workers. Then I thought there must be something very extraordinary going on in the world I had a look in the internet and I saw the bad news! All the people in the office listened to a radio and followed what happened. I didn't want to believe what happened. So it is still the topic of every hour news in TV and radio. We also pray for the victims at home or at special mass they organize. And all the people here hope that the war will not be too bad. It is the topic of a lot of discussions. It is not a problemm of the USA - it is more a problem of the civilization. Thomas 9-26-01"

Email Date:September 12, 2001 and Sept. 26, 2001

Email To:Susan

Email From:Thomas

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Email Subject:HOW ARE YOU?

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