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Email Text:From: "Uwe Renner" [private]>
To: "Helene Dag Nielsen" [private]>
Cc: "Uwe Brigitta Renner" [private]>
Subject: Day of Remembrance
Date: Friday, September 14, 2001 8:48 AM

Dear, dear friends,
I am watching almost the whole day tv concerning the tragedy happened to your Country. I hardly can stop my tears, because we also suffer so much with all the victims of these very very terrible attacks.
I had most of the time CNN live switched on and so I heard the interviews with Joschka Fischer, the Mayor of NY and the senators of New York, including Mrs. Clinton.
In a few minutes I want to see the ceremony (prayer service) in the cathedral of Washington. How wonderful to see all your big former leaders together shoulder to shoulder in the church. Also this time 5:30 p.m. I listen to the ceremony which takes place infront of 200 000 people infront of the BRANDENBURGER TOR in Berlin. I wish I could be with you this time, really, and always are my thoughts with you and your folks. Do you remember how I felt, when we were on events in Calif. in 1974 together and they startet the performances in Circus, cinema, etc. with your National anthem. I always told you "I feel like an American"and so do I and my husband, too.
All the churches in Germany give prayer services tonight, and also our beautiful church in Muensterdorf (do you remember the place?) at 7.30 p.m. and of course I will go in honor of the victims .
this moment I am listining to the Gospel song amaizing grace in Berlin live.
Now I will turn the Channel CNN to attend to that ceremony.
Love for always and in big, big sadness and tristesse,
your friend always, Gitta and Uwe

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Email Subject:Day of Remembrance

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