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Email Text:I just wanted to check in with you guys. I know you both have alot of friends and family up here, and wanted to make sure everyone was OK, or at least as well as could be expected .

Things here in Queens are OK. Until Tuesday morning, I was on a temp assignment at 1 Liberty Plaza, which is right across the street from the World Trade Center. I exited the subway into the concourse at about ten minutes before nine, and I saw people running, and heard the word "fire", but nobody really knew what was going on. When came out the door of World Trade 4, it almost looked like a victory parade going on, there was so much paper and drywall "confetti" flying through the air. I went across the street to the park and watched in disbelief for a few minutes - my hair already full of debris - and then the second plane hit. I was so close I could feel the heat from the explosion. I was glued to the scene for several more minutes, and then I started working my way uptown. I was gone by the time the buildings collapsed.

It took me a a few hours to walk up to the 59th street bridge and across to Queens (walking across the bridge with several thousand other people was quite an experience, too), but I made it home, as did my friends that I know - including Maury- who were working in the towers.

It's all been pretty surreal. We keep walking over to our window to look out and make sure it wasn't all a dream. And we were so proud of our view . . . . .

Again, I hope everyone you know up here is safe and well. Take care -


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