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_> I know this
> is going to sound like a crazy idea, but if a group of terrorists
> armed with determination can virtually stop the world's greatest
> economy and nation, just imagine what we as Americans can do if we ban
> together. Before you pass judgment, just think about the logic of
> this for a moment and join in the effort. Then forward this e-mail to
> everyone you know and ask them to help.Just as everyone else has over
> the last several days, I have been wondering what I can do to help.
> I've donated blood and I've donated to the charitable relief efforts,
> but I've sat and thought about what can I do to help the economy? Our
> airlines were shut down for almost a week, commerce virtually stopped,
> America was stunned into silence and in the only time since the Great
> Depression, Wall Street did stopped. This last year has been
> especially rocky for our economy and the stock market. After an
> unprecedented 10 years of growth, all of a sudden the stock market
> declines and unemployment increases. The economists say that the leading market indicators are consumer confidence and consumer
> spending. We've all watched the news, if Alan Greenspan (just one
> man) can make a few remarks to Congress and impact the economy that
> day, what would happen if all of America drew together and decided to
> jump start the economy? It is time we show what we can do together and
> that we WILL be the strongest nation on this earth.Now, what is my
> crazy idea? On Sept. 20-23, in *addition* to your normal spending,
> buy 1 additional item, use 1 additional service and donate $20 to your
> favorite charity. I can hear the laughter now (you want us to help
> America by shopping?), but I urge you to think of the logic ... What
> better sign for us to show our consumer confidence and to support the
> entire American economy then to buy American products and use American
> services? You've been thinking of buying those new shoes. By buying
> those shoes, you support the sales person, who can then in turn pay
> their rent, who can pay the property taxes, who can then pay the
> police, who can then buy groceries, etc. You say, I really don't need
> anything right now, then buy an early Christmas or birthday gift and hold it. Don't make irrational decisions, but for those of you who
> have the income and the wealth, we need you to make jobs. To make
> jobs you need to use services and buy products. When these services
> and products are bought taxes are generated and our government is
> funded. The military actions we need to take are then paid for, as
> well as the restoration of America.You don't have to do necessarily do
> anything elaborate, just open your wallet to something you have been
> putting off. While New York prepares to mourn the World Trade Center
> Victims on Sept. 23, let's give the survivors jobs and a brighter,
> secure future. Not one terrified that the economy will collapse just
> like the buildings. So, during those 4 days make reservations for
> your next vacation, buy a stock, look at a new car, take your kids to
> the movies and ice cream, call your realtor, buy a boat/car/computer,
> or buy a book/newspaper/magazine subscription. Then call your lawyer to review your will, review your insurance, schedule your teeth
> cleaning, schedule your physical/mammogram/prostate exam, have your
> tires rotated, get your car washed, go out to dinner, get your
> hair/nails done or go to a theme park. Got the idea?Lastly, write a
> $20.00 check to your favorite charity. A charity with money funnels
> it into your local community and the economic chain impact starts all
> over again. If you can't afford to write a check, look around your
> home ... do you have items you can donate to the local shelter or food
> bank? Can you donate a couple of hours to help out a local charity so
> that they can spend their dollars elsewhere? Do you have a few hours
> to spare to run an errand for someone else who would like to help
> out?In summary here is what you need to do:1. Say a prayer;2.
> Tell a family member and a friend you love them;3. Continue your
> normal spending;4. During Sept. 20-23 - buy 1 additional
> product;5. During Sept. 20-23 - use 1 additional service; and6. > Send $20.00 to your favorite charity.Don't let the terrorists win.
> Those Americans died because they were hard at work. When you pay for
> this additional service or buy this additional product on those days,
> tell the clerk "This is for America, we're taking charge" to remind
> him why you've made this decision at this time. It will encourage
> him/her to pass it on. Let's ban together. I'm going to, are
> you?Pass this on.

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