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Email Text:br>br>br>br>I have spoken to several fellow employees who are "spooked" by your picture.  I don't understand why they would be.  Provided it is not a doctored photo, everyone assumes that because it is a picture of Satan that it must be a message >from him.  Couldn't it just as easily be a message from God that the tragedy that was occurring was Satan's doing?  br>br>br>br>When the incident first happened, I was sure that God was "on our side" so to speak.  Then someone started talking about the fall of the city of Babel as described in Revelations 18 and saying that the twin towers were Babylon.  Since I never understood Revelations and never really studied it, I was susceptible to the idea.  If that was true, then heaven rejoiced at the downfall of the towers (or city of Babylon).  For a few days I was starting to wonder if we were on the right side (after all, if heaven rejoiced, then whoever did the bombing must have been doing God's will).  After a little research, I came to believe that there is no chance that the twin towers could represent Babylon.  According to the timeline of events the Bible gives, it is not time for Babylon to fall yet.  Therefore, when I saw the picture on the side of the building, it kind of reaffirmed to me that the bombingbold> was/bold> the work of Satan.  It was kind of a reaffirmation that yes, we are on the right side.  This was an evil act, committed by evil people.  Just because God put a stamp on it to show us all that it was an evil act should not make us more afraid or "spooked" than we were before.  Evil may have won the round, but we know they can not win the war.  We should all thank God for pointing evil out to us in such an amazing way.  So often, evil acts and evil people are not recognized for what they are.  I, for one, see this sign as a good and comforting thing, a message >from my Lord to remind me that this tragedy was an evil act and that it will not go unpunished by God.  br>br>br>br>

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