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Email Text:br> bold>Mark.../bold>   bold>I have no  doubt that what you  saw is what is in the photo....... When I saw the smoke on  some of  the video...I thought I saw a presence, at one time, but discarded the idea, thinking  it  was fear, of what was going on, and the fright sheer  fright  of the  whole episode...which lead to so many lost./bold>   bold>This act was not of anyone with  any kindness  in their  your photo shows just  what force was behind the  WTC   tragedy./bold>   bold>You know what you saw, and this is  not about believing  you, but in my heart,  I feel  you  saw, what you  it  shows in the  photo, pure evil./bold>   bold>God Bless you  always..../bold>   bold>Kristen Hunter "Keep a smile on your face, and love in br>br>your heart, and you will have a better day!"/bold>   bold>          ~Kristen~/bold>br>

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