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Email Text:I wanted to drop you a quick note on three topics: br>      1.  As a homeschool mom thanks for both of your Educ. sites for kids, they are               great!br>      2.  Thankyou for sharing your work and taking all the questioning, the face in the             smoke is a great picture!br>      3.  It is a bit late in life, but with the kids getting older, I would love to do something with my love and writing, photography and research, common sense says that it sums up a "journalist" type interest.  Do you think it is to late to start schooling for such a hobby of pt job?  If it is not to late (I am 37) where would you suggest I start, I have been raising kids for 17 years and have been home with them, I know school but what kind? br>br>                                                Thankyou,  Mrs Rbr>

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