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Email Text:Good Morning Mr. Phillips, br>I wanted to just send you a brief comment on your picture of the "devil" in the smoke of the>I think as a photographer you wait for an eternity for a photo like that>It's one thing to know evil's quite another to look it directly in the>I think your photograph is an important>There was a vast amount of evil in that building on September 11thbr>and you were able to capture it in those>I'm thankful for>I hope it moves people to really look at the pics....think about that face....and realize just how precious life is....even with the everyday trials and tribulations of life......we're still blessed to be>br>So.....THANK>Your picture says more than mere words could begin>It has affected me in many>I can't imagine how you must have felt shooting these pictures but I can tell you that the images shot will live in our hearts and minds>Thank you for that!! br>Have a great day!!!!br>br>Becky br>br>br>

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