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November 26, 2001

Kenneth L. Zwick, Director
Office of Management Programs
U.S. Department of justice
Civil Division
Main Building, Room 3140
950 Pennsylvania Avenue, N.W.
Washington, D.C. 20530

Dear Mr. Zwick,

Unfortunately I need to write this letter of concern to you since we lost our husband/father on that heartbreaking day of September 11th 2001. like thousands of others was simply doing his job when they became victims of a terrorist attack on the United States of America.

The Victims Compensation Fund will help us claim some control over our scattered lives.
However it would be only fair to give each family an opportunity to be heard. Our financial
future is quite bleak without 's earnings. He grew up in an extremely poor neighborhood and worked his way through college. rose up the corporate ladder with hard work, long hours and steady determination to provide for his family. That was all taken away from us on September 11th.

We would appreciate the option to receive any payments made either in one lump sum or
through a structured pay out to the family. While every case is unique we should know how the economic damages would be calculated and there should be NO cap of any kind placed on the individual case. There should be no family penalized simply because their loved ones worked long hard hours and was "successful". This should also apply to any non-economic loss also.

Another major concern is the possible use of collateral sources to offset any amount received from the Fund. My husband as many others planned and sacrificed for such plans as pension funds, savings and life insurance. They were victims resulting from the hatred of America's great government. Please don't make them victims again this time directly from their own loved country.

Thank you for considering our comments. No one can give us what we want the most - our
loved ones back. This fund can make one difference in our lives and that is the financial security that was taken away from us while and the others were simply doing their jobs.


Individual Comment
Basking Ridge, NJ

Email Date:2001-11-26

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