September 11 Digital Archive: XML Document

Story:I'm from Alexandria, Virginia but I was in my hometown of Johnstown, Pennsylvania for my cousin's funeral. I got bits and pieces about what had happened before the funeral service, but it wasn't until after the funeral when I went to my paren't home that I full understood what had happened. In an instant the safety and security of my hometown and new home were shattered. I immediatly called my coworkers back in DC to find out how things were there, by then I already knew the chaos in my small town where wall-to-wall news coverage is un hear of.

Memory:Watching the video footage of the planes crashing into the towers. Also, hearing the stories on the news about the kindness, generosity, and courage of people.

Affects:I think the events made us all come together. Personally, it has made me even more proud to be an American and even more appreciative of our military.

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