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Story:I was in Chemistry at school (Montclair Kimberley Academy High School) in Montclair, NJ. The head of campus came in and told our teacher that the WTC was hit by a plane. I thought a Sesna. Then we looked out the window and smoke billowing from the Tower. The school went into disarray everyone was whipping out cell phones and calling ppl rumors that a bomb went off at the pentagon. Our country was under attack. Everyon in school just roamed around freely. I went outside and sat and looked at the skyline, just in time to see the second plane hit, and long enough to see both towers fall. I saw all of this knowing that my uncle worked in one of the towers, not knowing which one or which floor, or if he made it out alive. We didnt find out until 3:00pm that day if he was safe or not.

Memory:Just knowing that soo many people died in one felll swoop and that i thought my uncle might be dead for 5 hours. Staring at the skyline and it being a smog of smoke.

Affects:Me it showed me how horrible people can be and how devestating one person's actions can be. I think the event helped our country to come together. I think our country needed something to do that, unfortunately it was this.

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