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From: "Millette Roland D Civ 38 EIG/GF" [private]> Add to Address Book
To: "Beverly VA" [private]>
Subject: RE: This Is Beverly
Date: Tue, 11 Sep 2001 14:13:41 -0500

Great!!!!! Very glad to hear from you. There is nothing to be said at
time like this, except, I'm happy to know you and Celeste are OK. Talk

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From: Beverly VA [mailto:[private]]
Sent: Tuesday, September 11, 2001 2:07 PM
Cc: [private]
Subject: This Is Beverly

Hi Roland and Celeste,
I am ok. No warning or anything. We heard someone in
the hall yelling, I thought someone was having a
fight. A lady in the office went to the hallway to
see what was going on. All of sudden she came back
into the office and told us to get out immediately. I
didn't even grab my purse which I am not sure where it
is - either locked in my cubicle or on the floor some
place. When someone says to get out - I move. We got
to the concourse and it was sort of chaotic - people
weren't really sure which way to go. I went with the
crowd through the Metro entrance - but down the stairs
rather than the escalator.
The aircraft crashed near the entrance (main or
North)that faces Rosslyn. Celeste: past where the
govt buses pick us up.
I walked to Crystal City to where I used to work (ILV)
and used their phone to call my boyfriend :- ), my
Mom, and Valerie. I stayed there for awhile and
watched the news.
Needless to say, the traffic was gridlock. But, I am
at John's right now, trying to calm my nerves. This
was deja vu of OKC all over again.
Take care. I'll talk to you both soon.

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