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Story:I took off a couple of hours to take my daughter to the MVA for her driver's test. She failed the test and I had a headache and started not to go to work. I took her home and then heard on the radio that a plane flew into the World Trade Center. I thought that I would later see it on the news. I decides to go to work and took the Metro to Capital South and I heard a loud explosion. Then I saw all of these people in the streets running and saying that another plane had crashed into the World Trade Center and another in Philadelphia. I work at the Library of Congress and I tried to go in the building to let my supervisor know that I had arrived. The LC Police would not let me in. So I walked around and saw all of my coworkers outside and they told me we had been dismissed. I had no money on me and the trains were horrible and the cellphones would not work. I remeber looking out the trains and saw the smoke from the pentagon. After I arrived home everyone was calling to make sure that I got home and I also called to check on other family members. After I got home and saw the news I was truly upset that someone deliberly did this and killed so many innocent people.

Memory:The non stop news coverage and how the country seemed united and all the flags on the cars, houses and the government buildings. How I was scared to go to work the next day and I called in and looked at TV all day.

Affects:That life is no longer normal. I grew up in the sixties and the only one we feared was Russia. I never thought that anyone would attack us on our own soil. Now when I go to work police are on every corner. I have to now go through metal detectors at work and they make me feel that I am a criminal. My daughter worked at the Brentwood Post Office with the anthrax and that was scary. Then the sniper murders and that scared me to death. So now I have a lot of anxiety and sometimes I don't want to go to large crowd gatherings or look at the news.

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