September 11 Digital Archive: XML Document

Story:On 9-11 i was sleeping getting ready for church. my family woke me up and turned the news on. and our bishop called from church telling us what happened. And i thought they were having remembrance of some other accident. and than i noticed that it was new and i started crying and i understand what happened...

Memory:my strongest memory was going to school and all of my friends just crying and comforting each other just talking and telling how we felt about 9-11..

Affects:It has made me personally mad e me respect my country more the people and mostly what we belive what america stands for. and i really love the military for all they do really no word could tell how much i love this country... love to world thanks to all who suffered for this country. i love all who is in the navy,miltary,army,seals,armed forces. tec..

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