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Story:I was at home watching the Today Show getting ready for work. At the news of the first plane (at that time unclear as to what type of plane) I called my Fiance at work and then my parents back home in Ohio. When the realization of what was happening became more clear, I called my Fiance at work (for the 100th time) and beggged him to come home immediately. I was close to getting in the car with him and driving home. I felt an immediate need (that nearly consumed me) to be close with and snuggle up to everyone I loved. Instead, the day was spent connecting with family and friends across the country and in Europe as well. I as glued to the TV until late in the night completely sobbing in utter disbelief as to what had happened. My Dad (46 yrs older than me) was 15 when Pearl Harbor was attacked and I could never understand his strong feelings and heart ache surrounding those events.
As a result of September 11th, my now husband and I cancelled our elaborate wedding plans for Oct 12, 2002 and had a wonderful, cozy wedding on Dec, 28th 2001. Seeing all of the tragic stories of life and love lost, we did not want to wait to start our life together.
I often think about how routine and unassuming the morning of the 11th started out for so many families. How many people left their homes and their loved ones angry about spoiled milk or drycleaning that should have been picked up or dropped off last week? How many people left without a kiss or a hug or an i love you? How many people left without inhaling the scent of the person(s) they cherish most in this world, one last time. How many people left behind, heard or spoke harsh words before the front door shut? How many people upon realization of the tragedy unfolding, desperately tried to get in touch one last time to take it all back? Some succeeded, some did not

Memory:Watching the towers fall and just knowing that the hope of millions of people (both in those buildings and safe at home) had fallen as well.

Affects:September 11th definitely brought our counrty closer together for at least a little while. I was bursting with pride with all of the American flags hanging from the front of homes. I am saddened by the evidence of that patriotism diminishing. The personal affects are too numerous to mention. Moving our wedding up, changed the course of directions for so many things in our lives.

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