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Story:I was working for the Social Security Administration, Southern Ohio Area Director's office on this horrid day. I was preparing my final material for an Operations Team Meeting, which began at 10 AM that Tuesday morning. We tried to conduct the meeting as usual, but the tv was on in the background and everyone was more than distracted. The monthly 4 hour meeting was eventually called off at noon, and those travelling from outside of Columbus were sent home. I spent the rest of the day trying to maintain sanity in our Social Security offices, particularly those located in Federal Buildings. I also tried to maintain contact with my husband, my parents and my sisters.

Memory:My strongest memory of that day was the emptiness I felt. Being of Arabic descent, it was horrifying to know that others of Arabic background were in involved in this Satan-like act.

Affects:I was deeply saddened by the events, and found it difficult to get out of bed in the morning. I entered a mild stage of depression and when all I wanted to do was help those who were hurt. The tragedy did result in some good for us. Nine months later, our first daughter was born June 17, 2002. I suppose out of bad, comes good, so take that you terrorists! Another full blooded American has been born to continue to support the freedom our country stands for and to fight against the hatred your kind spreads.

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