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Tuesday, November 27, 2001 6:34 PM

General support

First of all I would like to thank the DOJ for encouraging the use of email
as a way to submit public comments on the issue of victim compensation
after the tragic Sept. 11 attack.

I am writing to urge your department to write the regulations to carry out
the intent and spirit of the law by compensating all of those who suffered
grievous emotional loss from these murders, and significant financial loss
as well. I believe that the federal government should provide such
compensation as is appropriate to all of those who had a close relationship
with the murdered victim and whose own financial position will be seriously
adversely affected by the death. Relevant indicators of such a relationship

include a shared residence, shared bank accounts for other financial
instruments, joint membership in a health plan, a significant sharing of
living expenses, etc. Obviously a wide range of different personal
relationships will be covered by this, and we believe that this coverage is
wholly appropriate in this instance. We note that this is the approach
taken by Republican Governor George Pataki of New York, where so many of
the victims live.

Individual Comment

St Louis, MO

Email Date:2001-11-27

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