September 11 Digital Archive: XML Document

Story:At home as I was just waking up.My wife who works for an airline called me,as my answering machine picked up the call I heard her voice which sounded as if something was terribly wrong,as I reached for the phone I remember hearing her say turn on the TV right now!I turned on the TV and had the phone to my ear trying to make sense of what was happening and what she was saying,as I woke up and got my senses together I was in shock and disbelief as the news reports came in.My wife had the scanner tuned to the tower frequency and ATC repeated over and over "all aircraft on this frequency are ordered to land now at the nearest airport".As an airline employee myself it was devastating to watch the horror of the day unfold.All day long I was glued to the TV and spoke with many of my co-workers who shared my shock and outrage!

Memory:Watching the second Trade Center Tower collapsing live on TV,also the aircraft colliding into the buildings.

Affects:I thought our generation would pull together and finally denounce terrorists and their evil beliefs but it appears that many people in this great country are still in denial and even as we are at war will say and write things that are anti American which gives our enemies the will to fight on.Many of my co-workers were laid off as a direct result of 9/11 and the ailine industry will never be the same.

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