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Story:I was in my office located in Brooklyn facing the WTC from the East River side. I saw the first plane hit And i immediatedly called my fiance who worked at Cantor on the 101st floor I thought it was an accident and i knew it was close to her floor. There was no answer the phone just kept ringing . I then attempted to call her cell phone but it went to her voicemale. I was very worried but initially I thought there was a chance she could gey out. I kept calling and became more nervous as the smoke poured out of the building.about 18 mins later I saw another plane coming around the building at first i thought it was a reconacence plane and then it dove straight down and slammed into the second tower . Thats when i knew we were under attack. I now paniced and tryed to get out of my building and get over there. My building was locked down they would not let me leave I felt powerless. I kept calling over and over again I began to become disorientated. I was trying to locate my daughter who worked in the empire state building also. I was frantically calling family and friends and rambling to them.When the first tower collapsed I began teembling uncontrollable I took my office chair and threw it at my window and then I believe i went into some kind of shock i dont remember much more of the first day until I was home that evening.

Memory:My strongest memory was watching the buildings collapse I never thought that would be possible. I also knew in my heart many people died there was no way anyone could survive those buildings coming down.

Affects:I believe 911 was a wake up call to all of us that there is evil in the world that wishes to harm others for no valid reason. We must take this as a lesson that we must teach to future generations. These attacks on us was an attack on our way of life. If we are to preserve it we must always be on guard . We must seek out the assistance of the rest of the world to be vigilant in seeking out these animals who kill for no reason and bring them to justioce. Personally the events have shown me how short life is and when I lost my Fiancee that day it changed me forever. I have now begun a new life as a giver and always try to let the people I love know i love them. I also have made a pledge to keep reminding the world of what they did to us that day and no one should ever forget. I love this country and the people that dont should leave it.

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