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Story:I had taken flt 77 months before. we went on that direct flight many times, a good friend of mine regularly traveled with me to california. It was his regular trip to el segundo on business. Stan Hall, one of my mentors at Raytheon, was taking that regular flight that day as he would do sometimes twice a week ( being older and not tied down as much he took the trip many times back and forth for others). I had just called him the friday before and left a voice mail saying we should get together because he was going to pass to me his teaching slides for a particular course that he taught. he said he had done enough of it and wanted to to pass it on to me as the next generation supporting our nations troops teaching electronic warfare to the enlisted guys.. he was nearing retiriement and could have retired at any time but was pressing to get just one more design in for raytheon. so he was on one more trip while I waited to hear from him(I never knew if he got the message, and the knowledge he was just about to pass on to me is gone for ever ).... ironically he crashed into the pentagon in the section he had visited on business many times before. I guess it is fitting that he perished at the place he loved to be at.

That day I called his phone again and left another message not making the connection to the flight untill that evening ( Ias many thought , geeze that could easily have been me!). Weeks later the entire defense industry and employees at all the companies he worked at came out to honor him for his service and friendship.

This story may not be a spectacular as some from that day but it just shows how this event touched all of us. Thanks for letting me share it.

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