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Story:on september 11th iwas at home ,it was about 7:40 am our time and i was putting my son on the bus for school. i came back in the house currled up on my couch still half asleep . i turned on my tv and flipped through the channels when i found msnbc there in front of me were pictures of the world trade center on fire . the news anchor had said a plane had hit the tower. i woke my husband and told him to come watch the news . as we sat on the couch with are newborn baby we saw people jumping from the tower and the fire blazing out of control then it happend the second plane hit the tower we just looked at each other in horror. my husband said we are under attack he said go get our son out of school this is gonna get ugly so i rushed to the school and got our son . when igot back to the house my husband was screaming no this cant be happening. that is when i heard that the heart of our nations security had been hit. if they could hit the pentagon then they could get us all. then reports came in that there were more planes . we kept our eyes glued to the tv as we watched again in horror the towers collapsing my heart sank and i cryed. i am sitting here looking at my children and wondering are we going to see tomarrow. as the hours passed my husband said we needed to go to the store and get food and gas just in case. this is where we seen our own terrorist in our town the price of gas went from 1.45$ a gallon to 5.50$ in one minute. going to the grocery store was like something out of a horror movie .THE place was packed full but you could of heard a pin drop the radio was on live news coverage and everyone was listening to it as people stocked up on supplies. the rest of the night was erie you could look down the street at midnight that night and every house was lit up . i will never forget the day the world stopped and the feelings we felt on that infamous day in september
we will always remember. misty and jason shelsky

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