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Story: Well, first off I am wheelchair bound. I was home in bed. Which was doctor's orders because of an illness. I was watching "Good Morning America." It was at a commercial and when it came back, Diane Sawyer and Charlie Gibson said that a plan slammed into The WOrld Trade Center. At the time I didn't think much of it because they kept repeating what they were saying until the next plane it. This got my attention as it did everyone else I bet.
I was waiting for my caregiver. That day it was a different caregiver because my regular was ill. When the caregiver came she paid no attention to the television and just talked away!! Then I pointed to the Television and she was shocked at what she saw. Both buildings were on fire and she asked my what happened. I told her the whole thing and she couldn't believe it. I couldn't believe it myself even though I had watched the second plane hit. Then there were reports that a plane had hit the Pentagon and another was missing in Pennsylvania. I'm not sure what oder these incidents happened by the way. My Dad and Sister called from their jobs to find out if I knew what was going when they heard about the planes hitting the World Trade Center. And I told them what I knew.

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