September 11 Digital Archive: XML Document

Story: Dazed was the word of the day,for the week, for the month,for the year. It's difficult for me to understand the extent of the damage to the US from the Sept. 11 attaks. I understand that the enconomy wasn't doing too well afterwards, I understand a lot of people lost their lives that day, but as awful as this may sound it's hard for me to understand the vastness of the accumulated damage. I didn't lose a family member to the attacks, I didn't lose anything. I watched everything from the television; I never saw it in person. To me it felt like a bad movie that I could turn off and it would all disappear. Nothing seemed real that day. Not even the attacks. The Pentagon has been completely repaired like nothing ever happened. Until I see ground zero I will never fully understand the extent to which the attacks affected out lives.

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