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Story:I was on the 77th floor of one World Trade Center. My son Todd was on the 105th floor of the same tower. He had no chance to escape. He called his mother and told her not to worry that he was going to the stairs. He was very confident. She asked him "what about daddy". He said "I just spoke to him and he is OK". Todd had not spoken to me. He was protecting his mother at a moment of grave danger . Please visit his Web site to learn more about Todd's life and what we have done with family and friends to honor him.

Memory:I remember the firemen coming up the stairs and carrying heavy equipment. I asked them a to save the people above us. They were not afraid. I was trembling but I remembered February 26,1993 at 12:18 pm when I escaped from the first attack. I also recall when I was outside the towers looking back and seeing the flames. I walked for miles and a young man refused to leave me. I tried to call home but no phones worked. I heard the towers fell and did not beleive it until I got to 75th street at my daughter's apartment and saw what happenmed on tv.

Affects:We lost our innocence. We lost our sense of security. We must not allow this evil to overcome us. I fight in my son's name and memory to have his spirit live on through his Foundation which helps childrfen who suffer from anxiety disorders. Todd overcame such a problem as a child.

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