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Story:I was watching the last new. It was around 11pm in Adelaide. I was studying for an exam the next day, I should have been in bed. I wasn't paying attention to the TV at all really, but I heard the presenter say a plane had hit the WTC. I thought it was either a joke or a terrible accident. At no point did it occur to me that it would be anything else.

My mum is inlove with NYC. For as long as I can remember she's always wanted to visit that great city. We have a large picture of NYC hanging in pur lounge room above the fireplace. I think it's the Brooklyn Bridge with the WTC in the background. I loved look at it, how big and grand the city was. I myself, wanted to visit the city one day.

And there they were on the new report, live from NYC. One of the towers had been hit and I couldn't believe the building in the picture was the same one on fire on my TV screen.

What happened next is something I will never forget for as long as I live. We watched as *something* flew from the left of the screen and slammed into the second tower. I didn't know what was going on and some part of me didn't want to know. Your heart catches in your throw when you see something like that. I couldn't move, I don't like I could breathe. My eyes filled with tears and I sank to the floor and watched as history was changed.

We watched live on our TV screens the terrorist attacks on America and people say the 21st century is so great. I coud have lived without having to see it for myself. But then I guess maybe it's an important lesson learned for all of us.

It was about 1am when my Dad walked into the room and told us that the Pentagon was also hit, and it was then that we knew what was going on. We knew what was happening, and we couldn't believe it. We didn't want to believe it. To us, America is so strong, how could this happen to her? Which brings driving terror, if it could happen to America, could it also happen to us?

The first tower collapsed, and my life, the world and history was changed forever. In that moment it was almost as if you could feel the terror the entire world was feeling, it was overwhelming.

I didn't sleep that night, I couldn't. My safe little world where these sorts of things don't happen to us, was falling apart. And I say these things do happen to us, because the western world looks up to America.

September 11 was actually September 12 in Australia, my sister's 18th Birthday. It's cretainly something she won't soon forget, nor with the rest of the world.

It will take time, but the world, and America will overcome this.

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