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Story:The morning started off normal, phones ringing, printers printing-I remember talking with an employee at our Wytheville distribution center & he asked me if I had heard about the plane that had crashed into the WTC. At first I thought it had to be an accident, they happen everyday. Then alot of commotion started happening in our office & I heard of the 2nd plane. Being from Upstate New York, I called my mom,she works in a government building in NY so that scared me. While on the phone with her I found out about the Pentagon being hit. I thought to myself that this couldn't be happening. She had to get off the phone because she had to find out if any of her managers were on any of those flights. With alot of talk around our office I was really scared at this point, we had figured out they were hitting large&hurting many at a time. Working near a nuclear plant didn't help my fears at all. I can remember Sept 11th as though it happened yesterday and the indescribable lose I felt. The pain I felt for the people directly & indirectly involved. That day I was forever changed.
I found myself obsessed with the internet that day, one of our managers had a tv in his office but there was still work to be done. Things slowed down here that day, and I was thankful for that. It made it alittle easier to keep up with what was going on. My boyfriend called and told me to come home, he was scared the nuclear plant might be next. I told him everything would be alright & was going to continue the day at work,knowing if I went home and could actually see on TV what was happening it would drive me crazy. And even though I stayed at work it did drive me crazy, after work I went to Walmart & bought a radio so I could listen to talk about it. I watched every television station that played non-stop coverage on it. And drove myself mad for the next month. I cried everyday, not for myself because I was scared but for the people who were lost & the loved ones who lost them. My family was so worried about me,they would call my little brother(who lives in North Carolina also)not me to find out if I was alright or if they had committed me yet(and that is no joke) anyway the events of that day changed me forever, I will never take life for granted again & think that nothing like that could happen to us. It's just a shame that such a disaster had to happen for everyone to reunite as one.

To everyone and anyone who lost a loved one in the attacks, my heart is with you everyday and there is not a day that goes by that I don't think of September 11th and what was lost.

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