September 11 Digital Archive: XML Document

Story:I was at my office with the Federal Emergency Management Agency in Emmitsburg, Maryland. When my husband called to say the first plane had hit, I immediately tried to get hold of our son, Matt, whose office was in tower one of the World Trade Center. Matt was working at home on Long Island, NY and not at the WTC. He was trying to find his best friend who was in tower two of the WTC and was eventually able to locate him hours later. However, Matt called me later to let me know that he was originally scheduled to be on the plane that went down in Pennsylvania. I told him that God had a special plan for him if he spared him twice.

Memory:My memory was of being in conflict - sorrow for those lost, fear for the future and joy that my child was safe.

Affects:Things have changed since September 11th. We as Americans care a little more about each other. I still have hope for the future - especially in my granddaughter, Madelyn - born to my son, Matt and his wife, Marla a little over a year and 3 months after September 11th.

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