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Title:Yes, there is discrimination in the NYPD, Latino officers say

Author:Marimer Navarete


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Translator:Telesh Lopez


Blurb:Anthony Miranda president of the Latino Police Association accused the NYPD of discrimination against Latino officers at press conference this week.


Body:The president of the Latino Police Association charged that the Chief of Patrol, Nicholas Estavillo, lies when he says that the Police Department of New York City does not practice discrimination.

To say that in the NYPD, Hispanics are not discriminated against is untrue, said Anthony Miranda during a press conference at City Hall.
Miranda based his declaration on news published Wednesday in Hoy about Estavillos promotion to the Chief of Patrol in January. No Hispanic reached a rank this high before. In the same article, Estavillo said, I cannot say I was discriminated against because I got used to this society quite easily, which facilitated my career and my competition. He added, like in any other agency or career, one always tries to have a future in the NYPD, but we need to acknowledge that Hispanics have progressed very much in the last 15 to 20 years because there are many of us in high ranks.

Miranda says he is not attacking Estavillo, but simply wants to clarify that his promotion is an isolated case, and does not mean that there are more Latinos in high positions in the NYPD.

His declaration implies to let the public that everything is ok, which creates a false sense of security, that our community is fine, when it is not, said the Puerto Rican officer.

Estavillo was promoted not only because of his skills, but because his ethnic origin. We want to clarify that it took about 150 years for this promotion to occur, and 33 years of Estavillos tenure at the NYPD. If there truly is no discrimination, Estavillo would not have to say that he was not discriminated against, Miranda.

To explain his position, Miranda presented an extensive list of statistics about Latinos in the NYPD.

For example, of the 20 assistants to the Chief of Police, only three are Latino. Of the 30 vice chiefs, only one is Latino. Of the 78 inspectors, 3 are Latino. Of the 133 deputy inspectors, only four are Latino. Of the 440 captains, only 12 are Latino. And when we see the Latinos who have been promoted, none of them have dark skin, so we can conclude that if they look more white, they have a better chance of being promoted, said Miranda.

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