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Story:I am in sales for a relocation company, and was pulling up to a potential customers home when the reports of the firt plane were comming on the radio. Like many people I had an inmage in my head of a little prop plane bouncing off of the building and the sad notion that a few people may have been killed. Little did I know...I entered Julie's home to go on with my day, and saw the live footage on the today show. This was worse than I had pictured, and this woman I have never met was standing there with tears in her eyes telling me her brother worked in the adjacent building. I didnt ever pay any attention to the WTC so I had almost forgot there were two towers.....Thats when the 2nd plane streaked across the screen. I remember standing there stunned for what felt like hours, realizing this woman may be watching her brother die on live television, feeling out of place in her home, figuring out that this was no accident, and wanting to call my wife and new baby to ensure their safety all at once. She was in a similar frame of mind I am sure, so we did the only thing that came naturally, embraced and cried.

I spent 4 hours at her home that morning. We are friends today, brought together by a horrible moment. She says I kept her sane through the worst moment of her life, but I think it may have been the other way around. Her brother got out in time by the way, and has since moved back to Boston.

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